Test Course 1

Duration 12 m 17 s

Test Course 1

About Course

So, you’ve come up with the perfect online courses business idea, but you need a good business name for the launch. Deciding on the best name for your online course may not seem as important as it is, but prepare for the harsh truth: The right naming is crucial. But why?  

Because it will have an impact on:

  • Your customers’ first impression
  • Your brand identity
  • The type of customer your brand attracts

In this course will cover the importance of choosing the right name for your online course. As you read, we will provide you with actionable tips on finding the right name and things to avoid while brainstorming words and phrases.

Course content

video Name your brand +tips 3 m 23 s Free
video Know your customer behavior 55 s
video 6 ways to give the right name to your online course brand
video The importance of the right naming 3 m 23 s
video Questions to answer before naming 39 s
video Find your niche 3 m 23 s
video Catchy or power words 34 s
Scarlett Mackenzie

Scarlett Mackenzie

Course Instructor